Set Up Your Wedding Cake For That “WOW” Factor

Amongst the many things to think about when designing your wedding cake, it’s worth considering how to maximise the impact when you and your guests see it first.  It’s a significant centrepiece to your reception… and you want to set up your wedding cake for your guests to say “wow”!


 cake with vase top


Achieving the best look for your cake will vary according to your venue.  For example, if you are holding your reception in a room amongst the white marble and chandeliers then your cake will need either considerable sparkle, or some touches of colour to stand out…a white cake will simply fade into the paintwork.


The same issue occurs at many more modern venues.  Chain hotels, particularly, favour cool neutral décor….very elegant, but not that helpful when displaying all-ivory and all-white wedding cakes, which have been a recent trend!


Contrastingly, the effect of a white or ivory cake against the backdrop of oak panelling or highly coloured walls, creates a really striking picture.

Winter Wedding Cake

But don’t despair if you have set your heart on an exquisitely pale cake and wish to display it in an equally light setting!  Simply arranging with your venue to place the cake in front of a spot with a picture, mirror, or just draping the wall behind with a contrast colour, will make that “cutting the cake” picture.


Finally one more thought about cake displays.  Almost every cake picture you see in magazines or on the internet is taken looking directly at the front of the cake.  As a result these “front designs” are very much the trend in modern cakes.  In reality, however, most cakes are displayed on standard height tables with stands that (with the exception of cupcake towers) add very little in height.  So, to prevent your guests looking down at the top of your cake (where often, nothing is happening)….make sure you ask your venue to provide a taller table, or stand, so your guests get the view of your cake that you intended!


Everyone Cuts The Cake

See how this display was achieved at : http://youtu.be/bfMwP831M64

Published Date: 24th September 2014
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